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Sunday Spotlight: Pitch Clips by Shelley Tomich

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Hello friend,

How was your Sunday? Mine was fantastic! It's the only day I get to sleep in, just kidding. I have a beautiful baby under one year of age, so sleeping in will not happen for many, many years. I'm so excited to start our Sunday Spotlight Clip Artist Interviews! One Sunday a month, usually the last one, I will be sharing with you an interview of either a clip artist or a teacher/TPT seller.

Today, our guest is the super talented Shelley Tomich from Pitch Clips.

Let's get started!


What drew you into clip art creation? 

I have a teaching resource store and needed art to meet my individual needs. I have some training in digital design so I began building on those skills to meet my own needs!


What software(s) do you use to create clipart? 

Autodesk GRAPHICS on the iPad and Mac, PROCREATE on the iPad, and PHOTOSHOP to color it in!


How did you learn to create clipart? 

I just did it! I grew up taking art lessons and did some graphic design work in graduate school. Then I downloaded the app iDraw (now Graphics) and just began doing it. Google helped a lot in finding tutorials and such.


What inspires you to draw? How do you come up with ideas about what to create?

Usually I am inspired by a request or a need for my own teaching resource store.


What do you enjoy most about creating clip art?

That it gives me a break from the research-intensive part of working on my teaching resource store.


What would you be doing if you weren’t creating clip art?

Professionally? Working on my teaching resource store, Pitch Publications. Personally? Playing with my kids.


How long does it take you to create a clip art set?

Too long. I don't produce a lot because it often takes a month or more from start to finish. But I also only work on this part-time because of the responsibilities needed for my teaching resource store.


What is your process to create clip art?

Sometimes I sketch out ideas on paper and then take a photo with my ipad of my sketch. Then I use my iPad with Graphics to create the black line. Export the blackline to Photoshop and color it in. That sounds much simpler than it actually is.


Which clip art set are you most proud of?


Which clip art set is you top seller?


What resource (or teacher) have you seen use your clipart in a very creative way?

Melissa from Mrs. Stouffer's Music Room used a frame set I created to brand a particular line of products she created. Doggie Doggie {Ta Ti-Ti} {La}


Who are your top 3 favorite clip art artist? (besides yourself)

Oh so hard to name!!! Educlips, Silly O' Music, Artifex, Sarah Peccorino, and Melonheadz. Yes, I named 5, lol.


What other creative (artistic) things do you like to do beside creating clip art?

I'm also a musician so I am very involved with all things music education!


What do you like to do in your free time? Do you have any hobbies?

Spend as much time with my children as possible. I have three girls and they are growing up too quickly. For just me? Read, read, read! I LOVE to learn and if I won the lottery I would keep going back to school simply because I love learning new things!


Do you have a recommendation for teachers who use clipart to create classroom materials or products to sell on TPT?

Please don't resize art without keeping proportions the same - it makes the patterns look so bad! This is why I offer all my digital papers in rectangle and square size!


What ONE tip would you give to someone who would like to start creating and selling clipart?

Just do it. You don't HAVE to learn fancy programs - you can start with a simpler one like Graphics and go from there.


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Ok, last question! I think I shared pretty much everything, but I guess. Creating a business takes a lot of time and hard work. Keep up the hard work and give it time and you will make it! You can find me at https://pitchpublications.com/pitch-clips-blog/.


My three favorite freebies from Pitch Clips are:

1. Let's Get Organized! Pinterest Board Quick Reference Sheet for TpT Sellers

2. Custom TPT Quote GIF Banner - FREE Keynote and PowerPoint Template

3. Digital Papers: RAINBOW BRIGHTS - Dotty Circles {FREEBIE} - 38 Colors!


My three favorite paid products from Pitch Clips are:

1. Tara Pack - Clipart (Clip Art) 60 Papers & 23 Ribbons- 4 coordinating colors!

2. Ladybug Love Seller's Kit {BUNDLE} - Papers, Frames, Banners, Flags, & More!

3. Sleigh Bells and Jingle Bells Clipart (Clip art) - Commercial Use, SMART OK!


Thank you so much Shelley for sharing your experience and giving us a chance to get to know you better! If you have any questions or would like to add any comments for Shelley or for me about this interview, please leave a comment below.


Big hugs,