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All About Emoticons

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Hello friend,

Do you love emoticons as much as I do? Did you know that emoticons are a combination of the words emotions and icon? I didn’t until last week when I started creating my own.

As I was designing these new emoticons I asked for your opinion (on Instagram) on the positioning of the eyes. Closer or farther away from the mouth. Based on the your feedback, closer to the mouth won!

To say thank you for voting, I have included these emoticons in the Resource Library for FREE! That is 21 different emotions ranging from angry, annoyed, confused, crying, disappointed, embarrassed, excited, furious, guilty, happy, laughing, in Love, mischievous, sad, scared, shocked, silly, sleeping, surprised, tearful and thinking.

You can access this FREE clip art and more in the Resource Library you need to SIGN UP for my NEWSLETTER. These emoticons can be used for personal and commercial use. All I ask is that you please follow the Terms of Use.

Once you sign up for the newsletter, you will receive a password to access all the awesome and free clip art, coloring books and posters in the Resource Library. The emoticons are divided into two downloads.

If you like these emoticons,  feel free to purchase my Boy & Girl Emoticons Clip Art Bundles 1, 2 & 3. Because this digital style of clipart is new to me (I’ve always done the hand-drawn style.) I’m offering you all three bundles at an incredibly low price. Each bundle has $20 worth of clip art. Each bundle is available for sale at just $5 (that’s a 75% discount) from April 27th to the 30th. On May 1st it will go up to $15 (which is still a 25% discount.)

Stay tuned for some more items and deals in my Resource Library and my store!

Big hugs,